The following is a previously published episode and one of our top episodes from 2021. Enjoy this fan favorite! 

Today we are back with another Strategizing With Stacy Episode, where you get to listen in on an on-air coaching session with myself and three of our Foot Traffic Formula clients.

My first client on this call is Alyssa New. Alyssa helps women with stress, sleep, and emotions with 2 powerful tools – the enneagram and essential oils. You will hear me coach Alyssa on:

  • A target conversion rate for her freebie

  • Choosing wording for opt-in

  • Nurture sequence

  • Monetize to offset ad spend

Next up is online course coach expert, Eddette Steynberg, who teaches others to create and launch online courses. You will hear me coach Edette on:

  • Shifting the energy when you’re doubting how a course is going

  • When to switch up the course you are offering

  • Self-sabotage and how to recognize it

  • What type of funnel to try out next

My last client on this call is Wendy Henkelman, an event planner and producer who helps clients tell their stories through events and media. My session with Wendy focuses on:

  • Creating a bite size bundle

  • How to change directions in business to follow passion

  • How to adjust business goals with the current state of the world

  • How to use video as a lead magnet

These women are making big moves to scale their businesses, so make sure to tune in and see what advice you can apply to your own business.

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