The following is a previously published episode and one of our top episodes from 2021. Enjoy this fan favorite! 

“Have I done anything worth remembering lately?” – Emma Isaacs, Winging It

On today’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview Emma Isaacs, the author of Winging It and Founder of Business Chicks, an organization committed to giving women the tools they need to propel themselves and their businesses forward.

Emma walks us through how she got to this place in her business as well as her philosophies on being an entrepreneur.

Some of the topics Emma and I discuss include:

  • The importance of hard vs soft skills

  • Hiring people who increase the average of our team

  • Having hard conversations as leaders

  • Learning to fall in love with business finances

  • Asking the right questions as an entrepreneur

  • Changes and challenges brought on in 2020

Throughout the episode, Emma finds a way to both inspire and relate to all of us business owners out there trying to make it all happen.

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