Stacy Tuschl is joined by Brittni Winslow, the owner of Emerge Pediatric Therapy, a thriving occupational, speech, and physical therapy practice with three locations in North Carolina to discuss how to stop wearing multiple hats in business.

Brittni shares her journey of starting as a student in the company and working her way up to becoming the owner. She discusses the rapid expansion of the practice, the challenges of wearing multiple hats, and the importance of recognizing when to say “no”. Brittni also discusses the evolution of company culture as the team has grown from 20 to almost 70 employees and how she navigated role transitions and created new opportunities within the organization. Brittni’s insights provide valuable lessons for business owners and leaders looking to manage growth and change while maintaining a strong company culture. 

Also in this episode:

  • Being driven by the need to serve more clients and growing waitlists.
  • Running lean when expanding, especially during uncertain times like the COVID-19 pandemic, to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Getting buy-in from team members when changing the company’s direction or expanding. 
  • Redefining roles and responsibilities within the organization to accommodate expansion.
  • Using visuals and open communication to navigate role changes within the company.
  • The importance of making strategic decisions for the business and not trying to please everyone.


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Breaking The “Yes” Habit: Stop Wearing Multiple Hats In Your Rapidly Expanding Business | feat. Brittni Winslow

The Well-Oiled Operations Podcast With Stacy Tuschl