Build a Vision Board that Actually Works and Get Results

Have you ever wondered how to actually get a vision board to work?

Maybe you’re new to vision boards and have no idea why you’d want to spend time making one.

I completely get it.

You’ve probably heard that a vision board can help you manifest your dreams and desires. And yes, I believe that is somewhat true because what we think about we bring about. 

For me it also serves as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation. 

When I have a visual representation of the life I’m working towards, whether it’s a family vacation, a new car, or a beach house, I am much more willing to put in the effort to reach my goals. 

The things on your vision board don’t just magically appear. You have to work for them. 

Read on to learn more about my experience with my vision board and how you can get one to work for you, even if you’re not crafty (like me) or into woo-woo manifestation theories.

How to Get Vision Boards to Work

How to create a vision board is one of our most popular videos on the YouTube channel so this is a hot topic and if you’re more visual, definitely go check out that video.

But not everyone will get results from their vision boards and the strategies I’m listing here will actually work for bringing your vision into reality.

First of all, obviously your goals are what you’re trying to do. 

The vision board is what you’re going to reward yourself with.
It’s why we are working this hard, what we’re working for, why we’re doing this.
There’s a lot of things that can come up and when you can go over and look at that vision board and go,

“Okay, that’s right. This is what I want,” it really keeps you motivated. 

This isn’t woo manifestation of all of this.
You can put in as much of that or as little of that as you want.

But honestly, for those of you that are completely not into that, it’s motivation for you. It’s a reminder that this is what you said you want, now let’s go make it happen.

If I didn’t think vision boards worked, I wouldn’t have paid my entire team to spend time creating their own. We shared them with each other recently, and I definitely recommend if you have a team, having them create and share vision boards. 

It’s a huge eye opener and just a very connecting experience to see what other people are motivated by and the common aspirations we share. 

Not only do I want to remind myself what I’m working for, I want to make sure they remember what they’re working for and what’s possible for them because of the job they’re in.

Steps for Putting Together a Vision Board 

  • It doesn’t matter how many images you include, but keep it to a minimum. If you’re trying to reward yourself with 15 different trips, that won’t serve as very clear motivation. 
  • It’s also up to you the style of vision board you want to create. It can be digital with images from somewhere like Canva or stock images. You can create a physical board with magazine clippings.
    I personally like to find images on Pinterest, print them and pin them to an actual board that I display on my wall. But it’s entirely up to you! 
  • The most important thing is to put your board somewhere you can see it and interact with it daily. Do some future imagining into living in that dream house or driving that new car. Get really specific with what you want and picture your life as though you already have it. 

Following these steps is how to be sure your vision board actually works.

If you try it or plan a vision board session for your team, reach out on IG @StacyTuschl, DM me and tell me about it! I’d love to hear from you.