Welcome back! Today I am talking everything podcasts and marketing with a real life marketing machine Travis Chappell. Travis grew up thinking he was going to be a pastor, but after graduating college realized it wasn’t the path he was meant to take. His first job out of college was as a door to door salesman and managed to make 6 figures his first year. Even after his success in sales he was still unfulfilled and went on a long journey to find what truly lit him up. Many books and years of self help and healing later, Travis discovered podcasts. He fell in love with the idea and decided to start his own.

I talked with Travis about:

  • The power of networking
  • How podcasting is essential
  • Reasons to start your own podcast
  • Reasons to guest on someone else’s podcast
  • How to utilize your podcast for marketing
  • What other things you could benefit from with a podcast

In this episode you will hear how Travis took his first podcast and turned into into his company Guestio. A software company where podcast hosts and guests can connect. On top of that, Travis still has not one but two podcasts of his own and is finally in a place where he is passionate about the work he is doing and is extremely successful as well! I had so much fun talking with Travis, this is one you won’t want to miss!

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