In this episode of Well-Oiled Operations, host Stacy Tuschl is joined by PR Expert Michelle Tennant to discuss how you can create a killer Public Relations Strategy using new insights and trends in 2023.

Michelle’s extensive experience includes securing media coverage for her clients on renowned shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America. In this episode, she shares invaluable insights on gaining credibility and landing media features. Michelle also provides incredible resources for your PR journey. Get ready to dive into the industry’s latest trends and updates for 2023. 

Also in this episode:

  • Starting a TV network for the National Head Start Association
  • The difference between paid media and earned media
  • How to pick the right social platforms
  • First impressions are everything in public relations
  • How to leverage press and social media outlets
  • The importance of telling stories
  • The trifecta for a press person
  • Why the stories that you consume actually consume you


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About Michelle Tennant

 Good Morning America Producer Mable Chan calls Wasabi Publicity’s Chief Creative Officer a “5 Star Publicist.” Michelle calls herself a “storyteller to the media.” For 30+ years, media friends have solicited her help in crafting news stories by requesting sources, sound bites, and statistics. An award-winning writer, Michelle peppers campaigns with insight from her master’s degree in human development, BFA from a top 25 drama school, and expertise seeing PR transition from typewriters to Twitter. She’s either spinning stories or spinning at the gym. After hours, she savors the Smoky Mountains with her husband, Siberian Husky, and backyard chickens.

She also gives away some amazing resources like her incredible PR Action Guide you can click to download here!

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Revolutionizing Your Public Relations Strategy: Invaluable Insights and Trends for 2023 | feat. PR Expert Michelle Tennant