I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and in the last few years, people are beginning to confess that as fellow business owners, they’re struggling with their mental health.
Even if you don’t think you are, listen in to todays episode with Dr. John Delony as he reveals the different ways your mental health issues might be showing up in your life.

Then continue to listen as he shares the most valuable insights from his latest book, Own Your Past Change Your Future where he discusses the critical pillars of wellness we all should be living by to experience true connection with each other.

3 key points for creating a life of connection

1. Your stories you tell yourself are playing a role in your circumstances and happiness whether you realize it or not.

2. The huge disservice we do to ourselves as entrepreneurs in the ways we assess and prioritize the value of our relationships.

3. The simple tips you can start using to build more authentic connection with your team and clients.

You won’t want to miss this episode where we really dig deep into the ways we can more simply and easily prioritize our health and wellbeing.

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