You know I'm all about systems. But how do they relate to creating confident employees? That's exactly what I'm going to dive into in today's episode.

This brilliant idea comes from a conference I attended recently. Even though I already implement so much system strategy, I chose to go to the systems breakout session because I always believe I can learn more and be even just a little bit better.

The system I'm sharing here proves that point.

3 important points on creating confident employees:

1. Promoting confidence also means encouraging problem solving. The strategy I'm sharing here outlines how to do both.

2. Why significant company values is critical for the success of this strategy.

3. What you need to evaluate about your own role in order to encourage ownership and accountability.


To receive a copy of potential values you can implement within your business, DM me (tag)StacyTuschl the word VALUES and I'll send it your way.

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