I am so excited to talk with Rory Vaden!

This interview is a little different since originally I was planning on hiring Rory to do some branding for my business, instead I said what if we publicly share a coaching call as a podcast!

You are getting a behind the scenes look at Rory diving into my new book and giving me his feedback on what I did right and what I could have done differently when it comes to marketing and branding.

I’m getting vulnerable in this episode as my work is critiqued but I want to show you that I am always seeking guidance from those who might know better!

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

  • Rory picking the title of my new book
  • Advice for rebranding our podcast
  • Facebook group challenge ideas
  • Rory’s take on naming ANYTHING you are selling not just books
  • How to be coachable when working with a specialist


This is a much longer episode than normal, I wanted you to get the full experience of what it is like working with a specialist and the questions you can ask to really get the most out of their time.

This episode is not just for someone releasing a book, it is for any business owner naming, branding, marketing what they are selling.

The name is SO important, how you present it to your audience can make all the difference.

You’re going to want to tune in!

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