If your Facebook ads aren’t working the way they used to, you’ll definitely want to listen in for this conversation with Dave Fink, who believes the best kept marketing secret is in your mailbox.

As the CEO of Postie, a company reinventing direct mail for a digital world, Dave is bringing a wealth of knowledge to this episode about how small business owners can leverage this tried and true strategy.

Top three takeaways from this episode:

1. What type of businesses can use direct mail?

2. The budget range you can expect to need to get into direct mail marketing. Beyond that, we talk about the more important questions to be asking to test if it’s the right thing for your business.

3. What effective testing looks like to assess what’s working and what’s not.

I got so much out of this conversation and my wheels are turning with how to use direct mail for either (or both!) my online and local businesses. There’s something for everyone here. This is a bandwagon you won’t want to miss!

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