Entrepreneur Burnout Rollercoaster: The Best Way to Deal with it

Burnout is a common problem for most entrepreneurs. In this article, discover how to prevent burnout from snuffing your passion for business.


A client recently asked me:

“Do you ever get burnout? If you’ve never gotten it, then I’ll just keep pushing through. I’ll probably be fine.”

I am super thankful that this client of mine allowed herself to be vulnerable with me… because it reminded me that burnout is something I really need to discuss with business owners. 

Now, to answer her question: yes, I have experienced burnout. After all, I’ve been in business for almost 20 years. So, of course, I have felt it, just like any other entrepreneur out there. Every one of us has experienced burnout at some point in our journey. 

That’s why today, I want to talk about this topic in more detail. Let me shed light on what burnout actually means… and how to deal with it the right way.


What is Burnout?

An extraordinary day looks something like this: You jump out of bed at about 5 AM… ready to do the things you’ve got planned. You walk with a spring in your step… excited about what’s in store for you as a business owner.

But when you experience burnout, your days don’t start this way. Because when you’re burned out, you can’t even be motivated by your business. In fact, there isn’t a lot that can excite you. You wake up because you have to do stuff… not because you really want to.

See, burnout is a phase of complete exhaustion. It’s not just about feeling tired. It means you are severely exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

How to Know if You’re Feeling Burnout

I had a client who experienced burnout. She was working 80 hours a week in her business… and sometimes even more. She came to me and asked for help. And I told her outright: “I can’t coach you like this. I cannot coach you on how to do more. I cannot coach you just to hustle. This is not going to work if you don’t let me help you do less.”

Thankfully, she concurred. She went on a vacation for an entire week with her family. This was the first vacation she took in what felt like forever. She went to Vegas without any work in tow. She wanted to have fun. 

And not just that. 

While on vacation, she also slept. She slept like a baby, after years of running on fumes and quick catnaps. She finally allowed herself to take a break and be serious about resting her mind and body. And she immediately felt better. So once she got back, I knew she was ready to work and grow her business. 

See, the thing is… burnout manifests in various ways in different people. For my client, it manifested through feeling utterly sleepy. That became a massive wake-up call for her. It meant that her body really needed rest.

Another business owner I know reached a breaking point in her business. Instead of resting like my other client, she went missing in action. Some even decide to close their business down.

And since we don’t want that to happen, here are some tips on how to avoid burnout — or get rid of it. 


How to Avoid Burnout

1 – Appreciate the moment you’re in

When you don’t appreciate the moment you’re in, you’d be unhappy. And you would think that the fix to this is simply hitting the next level. But that is where hustle turns into burnout. So, allow yourself to pause… and reflect on where you are now versus where you started. You’d be surprised at how far you’ve come, and this realization should keep the burnout at bay.


2 – Stop immediately changing goalposts

The combination of being underpaid and overworked as a CEO is a recipe for disaster aka burnout. And the root cause of why many business owners end up in this situation is their tendency to chase milestone after milestone.

So, give yourself time to breathe. Set your sights on one specific goal… and let yourself get comfortable with this new goal before moving to a new one. Don’t keep adjusting your goalposts as soon as you hit them!


3 – Be sure you have a normal work week

One of the first things I did in my business — back when I was making zero dollars — was hire someone to assist me. This might sound crazy, but it was one of the best decisions I made in my career. You see, none of us can sustain working 60 or even 80 hours a week. A normal work week is 40 hours. So, your first goal should be to work 40 hours weekly — max.

Now, I know a ‘normal’ work week may look different for some people. It could be less or more than 40 hours… depending on your situation. Just work for as long as you sustainably can. Remember to balance your work and the rest of your life… if you want to avoid burnout.


2 Ways to Deal with Burnout

1 – Find out your financial position

If you’re already feeling burnout, one way to deal with this is to get clear on your financial position. If you find out that you are financially secure… give yourself time to breathe. Take more or even longer breaks. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve it.


2 – Pull back on your tasks

If longer breaks won’t work… then it’s probably time to pull back on your tasks. Slow down. Reduce your work hours. Hire a manager or an assistant to help you if necessary. The goal here is to get some things off your plate so that you can take it easy. After all, this is your business. You designate tasks. And you can most definitely authorize breaks, too.


Take it Easy


Burnout should never be the reason why you’re giving up on doing business. In fact, it shouldn’t even be a huge obstacle you couldn’t overcome. After all, burnout can be avoided somehow… and the tips we’ve given you in this article should be able to help you do that. 

Now, if you need more help to prepare yourself for possible burnout or if you’re dealing with a pretty bad case of burnout… let us help you. 


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