Hi there, welcome back to Well-Oiled Operations! Today I am interviewing the former COO of Donald Miller’s company StoryBrand, Tim Schurrer. Tim is someone who started with Donald at the very beginning helping to build StoryBrand from the bottom up. Now he is starting his own journey. He wrote his book “The Secret Society of Success” and is the host of the incredible podcast “Build a Winning Team”. Tim is a wealth of knowledge and we hit it off so well, his energy is contagious and I can’t wait for you to hear all of the gold he shares in this episode!

Tim and I discuss his role as the right hand and what that looks like for such a massive company. He speaks on the importance of having an “operator”, someone who is a doer to take the big ideas coming from the visionary and actually start implementing.

He touches on how every role is crucial to the success of a business, NOT just the CEO. Tim spoke about how much he loved being behind the scenes, seeing all of the big ideas come to life and being the one to put them into action. He loved his role and wants to bring attention to those team members who make things happen but might not want to be the CEO! This is such an insightful episode, enjoy!

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