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Starting at $149/ month, Kajabi gets a little pricier, but that is because it can do email, landing pages, your entire website, host digital products, as well as check out pages for your products. Kajabi's landing pages are also a more advanced option for your landing pages. All of this is a steal of a deal if you are in need of any of these. I use Kajabi for my online consulting business only and LOVE it! 






Starting at $29/month, this is a great email marketing software that not only does email, but does the landing pages we have been talking about. My studios use this program for email and landing pages and my consulting business uses this for our email. Some of you can get away with just this product if you already have a place where you have your customers "checkout". 





Starting at $97/ month, Clickfunnels is a great option for advanced funnels. I want to be clear up front, however, and say that not everyone is ready for our even needs Clickfunels. My studio does not currently need it because my market is not as advanced and I am able to still go above and beyond my competitors. However, in the online space, where you compete against the entire world, things are much more advanced and Clickfunnels is the go-to platform to add all the bells and whistles. I wouldn't suggest getting it until you really know you have outgrown the other platforms.