Hey there! Welcome back to Well-Oiled Operations! When I saw my Google Calendar and saw my guest’s name on my schedule, I couldn’t believe it. We got Patrick Lencioni on my podcast? I was ecstatic. Patrick is not just any author, he has 10 PLUS books on teams, leading, and organizational health which we are OBSESSED with here at Well-Oiled Operations.

Today we dive into:

  • Patrick’s newest book
  • Personality tests
  • My results from his new personality test and who I THOUGHT I was vs my results
  • Releasing the guilt of being good at everything
  • Figuring out who the right help is for YOU

Inside our member’s portal in Well-Oiled, we have a recommended reading list and our members can find Patrick’s name quite a few times on that list. I have enjoyed his writing for a long time and I mention his name to my clients and anyone I can who might benefit from these readings. Patrick is truly an incredible author and I am so excited and honored to have him as my guest on today’s episode. Enjoy!

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