Welcome back! Today we are talking about those hard conversations every business owner has to have at one point or another. These conversations typically lead to firing and I want to help you navigate those delicate situations so you can deliver the message clearly, compassionately, and come out on top. I’ll be sharing strategies I have used in the past to make these hard decisions and move on with no guilt or regret.

First we are going to discuss ways to prevent the termination and how you can show up better as a boss. I want to teach you how to actually ask for improvement instead of letting it go, and how you can support an employee that is struggling. But sometimes, that’s not enough and firing is necessary. If that’s the case, I am going to show you how to walk through the initial conversation, what do do during and even after the termination so you and your company don’t have to deal with a disgruntled former employee.

Odds are there are many of you that have a team member currently that needs to be fired that you have just been holding onto for one reason or another. This is your guide on how to do finally let go!! Enjoy!

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