Focus on Yourself Or Your Business Will Fall Apart

Work time does not equal me time. You may think because it’s your business it is me time but that’s the furthest thing from the truth! If you’re a successful business owner then you know your business’s sole purpose is to serve others, not yourself. If you continue to sacrifice your me time you’re going to run yourself into the ground and you may be experiencing it yourself right now. We didn’t start our business to feel trapped. We did it to change lives, make an impact and to create freedom. Your creativity, your inspiration and your guidance comes from your me time but I get it! It’s easy to get trapped.

In fact, last year my husband and I took our first vacation just the two of us since having children. It was five years overdue and you know what happened? I was hit with a massive realization because I didn’t actually realize how much that free time was sparking my creativity and motivating me to work more. I found out that I was extremely burnt out. You need to realize part of the work in growing your business to six figures and beyond it taking me time. Leave room for the things that allow you to keep going and that’s exactly what happened. I gave myself that time and you need to do it too.

The place could have been a 1-star hole in the wall and we would have still loved it because we needed time without our children and without my business. I told my team I will not be working on this trip, no emails, nothing. I needed time to breathe, time to relax, time to recharge and just sit with my thoughts. I brought a book with me on this trip called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod which changed my thinking, business and life.

As I started to read it, ironically it talks about giving yourself me time every day. Here I am the first time in five years that had not been a business trip or without the children and he wants me to do it every day?? That’s crazy!! But I was intrigued so I kept reading. After reading about his theory and his life savers which are a few recommended steps he suggests doing, I started to wake up at 5:00 a.m. on vacation and do them every day. While I was away I thought what better time and place to start than right now. Every morning I was meditating, writing, exercising,  reading and by 7:00 a.m. I felt so refreshed and ready for my day.

Because I wasn’t working on this trip I started to dream a little bit with my free time and reassess my goals. Was I heading in the right direction? The direction I wanted? I came home a different person and I realized the answer wasn’t one vacation per year with my husband. No way!! That once a year is nearly enough and  I need time daily, weekly, monthly and so on. I continued to wake up at 5:00 a.m. every weekday and jump start my day. Waking up before the kids has been a game-changer! No more waking up to crying or someone telling me they have to go to the bathroom. I also decided I needed to take time to work out.

It wasn’t just about getting healthy, it was another way to force myself to stop working. There are so many ways to make a little bit of me time. Go for a walk, get your nails done, maybe a massage or a facial. Before you say I don’t have time for that or where is that money coming from, you haven’t realized how detrimental not having free time will be on your business. Don’t let your passion fade from your business and if you work yourself into the ground that might be exactly what starts to happen. You need to take care of you so you can continue to take care of others.