Four Key Components Of Growing An Engaged Audience

In this 3-part Drive More Traffic series, I’ve been sharing how you can become a content machine.  In the last blog, I talked about how to start becoming a content machine and the common mistakes we all make when starting out. Now it is time to talk about the four biggest components to growing your follower base with an audience that is engaged! 

Stop the Scroll

We need to stop the scroll! Stopping the scroll should be your number one goal! Wherever you’re posting content on social media, you should have a variety of what you’re doing in graphics, quotes, photos, and videos. The goal is to mix up all of these options inside of your feed. You have to be very, very careful with what you’re putting out. It’s not about checking boxes or getting seven posts out this week. It is about quality content that stops the scroll!

Step number one is stop the scroll. Step number two is talking about how we get that post to convert.

Monetize Now

We all want our social media content to make us money. But how many of you can say you intentionally post content to make money on it in a short period of time? There’s no point in posting content if you’re not monetizing it.

I am going to let you in on a fun fact from my last Facebook live for Drive More Traffic: I went live at 8:30 CST and within one hour of going live I had made $574.95. There were about 40 live viewers across all of our platforms and it was a $27 product, The Content Machine™. That’s amazing! I believe you can do this, too! Monetize your content right away – don’t wait. This Facebook live is a pillar piece of content.  It will become a Facebook ad, I can pull quotes for Instagram, and take a piece of it for IGTV or Reels. You’re doing this knowing you can monetize all your effort and energy with this micro-content.


“We’re not just creating content for the sake of creating content. We’re here to monetize it.”


4 Content Mistakes You’re Making 

I want you to be proud of the content that you create and feel confident that what you are putting out is something that can boost your success! To feel that confidence, we need to make sure that you are not making some of these common social media mistakes! I will tell you these social media fails and flops I see often and what you can do about it: 


1.No original graphics or photos –  You’re using a lot of stock photos or photos that just aren’t your own which means they’re not necessarily on brand. How could something be 100% your brand when it wasn’t actually created by you or for you? Anybody could be using those stock photos. Your brand starts to look very cookie-cutter. You can over brand, too. Everything starts to look similar and highly curated and it doesn’t stop the scroll anymore. Make sure you are using photos that are true to your brand and you!


2. You’re using other people’s quotes too frequently, but not using your own – As an example, let’s say I was always doing Tony Robbins quotes and I just kept talking about Tony Robbins. Why would you pay for my stuff when it’s all Tony Robbins stuff? Make sure you’re the one perceived as the industry expert.


3. You aren’t getting personal enough – People do not want to buy from businesses. They want to buy from human beings. They want to buy to support a cause, they want to buy to be part of that story and to support your mission. It is possible to get too personal, especially in difficult situations, but let people see who you are and what you’re like. People will start to feel like you’re friends and you’re connected and they want to support you. 


4. You’re not doing video – there’s no video on your social media, there’s not enough video, or there’s video but it’s awful. Let me share some stats: 85% of internet users are watching video content. 85% –  not a certain platform, all internet users, basically 85% of the world is watching videos.  Video is the number one preferred choice of content in 2020. If you are not doing video or not doing enough video, your customer is going someplace else. Practice makes perfect! It will get easier each time. I’m strongly encouraging you to do video. In The Content Machine™, we go deeper and talk about using video as your number one platform. Video isn’t going anywhere in 2021, it’s only going to increase. Get your piece of the pie! 


The real secret? How did I make the $575 within one hour of going live with only 40 viewers watching and no paid ads? 

  • I came with value
  • I had original content 
  • I shared stories and got personal 
  • I gave you something to sample, to test out, to try me out for only $27 – The Content Machine™ 
  • Most importantly, I showed up on video! 


Time to Rip Off The Bandaid

Now it’s time for you to commit to yourself and your business today! You’re going to start doing more original photos, more of your own quotes, getting more personal, and doing more VIDEO! Your audience, your customer is waiting. Don’t let them slip away to someone who’s already doing these things. It’s your time to Drive More Traffic!