Genius Promotional Strategies To Get Customers to Spend More

Genius promotional strategies that will keep your customers coming back and spending more stems from my experience of shopping at Nordstrom!

Not only do I love their clothes, but I’m obsessed with their marketing promotional strategies. 

If you attended our recent Small Business Scaling Secrets virtual conference, you definitely heard all about my love for Nordstrom.

If you missed it, I’ll recap what I’ve learned this year from this retail giant’s epic sale. 

So, every year, Nordstrom holds a mega sale that’s exclusive to membership cardholders. 

Brand new releases are made available at “discounted” prices for cardholders before they are available to the general public.

I’ve decided to dissect this genius promotional technique, (that has me filling my Nordstrom cart every time!), into 4 promotional strategies you can use to get your customers to spend more

1. Make the offer  “too good to be true”

Sure, a clearance sale is one strategy, but it’s all picked over stuff nobody wants. Nordstrom offers brand new fall clothes that haven’t been released to the market yet and first access with a discount.

How to bring it into your business:
What spin can you put on your current offers that will make them stand out from the crowd? How is your business different from your competitors? Highlight your uniqueness! 

2. Incentivize what you want

Remember this sale is for cardholders only. This is genius!

Why? Because it encourages opening a credit card account, high dollar spending, and shopping in-store. 

How to bring it into your business: 

What are your high-ticket offers or the products and services that will move the needle in your business? Place your focus there. 

3. Reward your loyal and dedicated customers

The Nordstrom sale directly targets the company’s most ideal customers. They’ve done their research and know their cardholders are their biggest spenders.  

Bring it into your business:

How can you incentivize your fans to continue to buy from you? (Check out this episode Creating Super Fans with Cathy Heller for some awesome tips!

4. Build excitement and urgency

An essential part of Nordstrom’s strategy is the build-up. They send cardholders a booklet to preview the preview! When the initial excitement peaks and customers haven’t purchased yet, a time limit on buying creates urgency and motivation to follow through.

Bring it into your business:

If you’re excited about what you’re selling, your people will be too. How can you create more hype about what you have to offer? Consider how to offer a sneak peek or other incentives to get your audience motivated to buy.

Now that I’ve covered the 4 strategies to get customers to spend more it’s time for you to implement and skyrocket your sales.  

My team and I are here to support you! If you’re itching to put these strategies into action, come learn more about my PowerPlayer Mastermind.
You’ll get insider tips for creating raving fans and so much more!

Which strategy do you plan to implement first? Which one are you already doing? Tell me in the comments below!