5 Tips You Need To Get Back On Track

Did you know there are only 6 months left of this year?! It’s just so crazy but there's a lot of planning, reassessing and prepping to finish strong. You may feel like you haven't really hit the goals that you wanted to hit by now. I totally get that some of you are crushing it but some of you aren't any further along than you were 6 months ago. That means we need a little bit of a reality check. Am I right?

Maybe you need to get up a little earlier, actually be productive and not just say you’re busy, stop using the excuse that your kids are home for the summer so how could you possibly get anything done? So let's just step away from the excuses and figure out, where we need to go and what we need to do in the next 6 months.

You had a reason and a why behind what you wanted to do so let's just try to make these dreams become your reality. This is not one of these all or nothing situations. You don’t get to give up on this year because it hasn't worked out the way you wanted it to. There is some major, major time left to make sure this happens! So with that said, let’s dive in and get a little pick me up to get back on track.

#1: Scheduling Time on Your Calendar

Usually when you hear people talk about goal setting they say start with a brain dump. But what happens is you create this beast of a list with pages and pages of tasks and action items and then spend so much time on the first thing but then there’s no other dedicated time to making this actually work.

What I want you to do right away is figure out how many days per week, how many hours per day you have and then actually get it on your calendar so you know. I said in my last blog post how much I LOVE Google Calendar. Make sure to set up some sort of rhythm. What do I mean by that? If you're using an online calendar you can repeat things every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and say you're going to work from 9 to 12 on your big priorities or you've only got Saturday mornings. Jot those times down. Maybe you have only 10 minutes a day but whatever it is you have to figure this out!

I don't want you to think all of a sudden I'm going to just brain dump everything and then nothing happens with that. We start with getting it on the calendar.  That means if I plan to work on this right now for an hour and time is up, no worries, we already have other times listed on the calendar. After you do this and ONLY after, then let's go to step #2.

#2: Know What You Want

This is where that dream big happens. Braindumps take everything out of your head and put it on paper and go crazy. Write down everything you want to do in the next 1-5 years. This is something new I just stole from Rachel Hollis and she said she has been writing down 12 goals as if they've already happened in a separate notebook and she rewrites them every single day.

Kathrin Zenkina who's been on the podcast before, has said a thousand times the more you say something to yourself the more your subconscious mind will actually believe it. This makes total sense, right? I'll give you some examples so you're not confused.

  • One for me could be I can get on any podcast.
  • So many people want to sponsor our podcast. We turn people away every single week.
  • I only work for 4 hours a day and never on the weekend.
  • All my family takes amazing quarterly vacations every year.

Now when it actually becomes your reality. Replace it with something new. I would really love to see some of you try these 12 goals! If you're brave enough to shout it out, find me on Instagram @stacytuschl and shout it out!

#3: Reassess Your Goals

With the amount of time you have dedicated, look at your goals and reassess them. Look at step 1 and step 2 and ask yourself, is this really possible? Can I really do what I said I was going to do in this amount of time? Just this past weekend I was driving my almost 15 year old niece home as she had just babysat for our kids. I was handing her the money and I asked her if she has started saving money for a car.

She said yes, that she’s going to save half her paychecks for the car. In my head I'm thinking poor girl, there is no way this is happening. Let's do the math here…let's say she makes $9.00 an hour on the high end and let's say that every Saturday she works eight hours a shift. That comes out to $3,744.00 before taxes. Do you see where I’m coming from now?!

First, she probably won't make that much and she probably won't be able to work every Saturday because there are some dance competitions that conflict. So she's really only saving half of that for her car. So it's $1,872.00 before taxes. You might be wondering if I told her this, did I devastate this little girl's hopes and dreams of driving this brand new beautiful car next year??

No way! I'm not that ruthless but I definitely gave her a little bit of motivation to start picking up some more babysitting jobs. The funny thing is you and I are sitting here thinking my niece will never be able to make enough money to get a car next year, but you guys…what about you and me? Are we giving enough attention and time? When you want something bad enough you make time for it. You figure it out.

#4: Make The Most Out of Your Time.

Ask yourself what have you been waiting for? Have you ever said I'm going to invest in this program after I make a certain amount of money? I'm going to reach out to this person for an interview after people start seeing me as an influencer?

Invest in that dream program or other things that you know are going to help you. That will lead you to make that money, reach out to that influencer now because that might be the interview that gives you the credibility you've been waiting the last 6 months for, something that already came and then the next 6 months is all about action. No more waiting.

SPOILER ALERT if you didn't already know this you're going to hear a lot of no’s…but you keep going! When you’re just about ready to give up there is one yes that will make all of those no’s worth it. So start making a list of things you are going to do right now.

#5: Take Action

Do everything that I just said in steps 1-4 and actually do it one step at a time. Every morning wake up and focus on 3 things you’re going to get done today. That will push you in the right direction. When I do this I actually try to get those 3 things done before noon because you and I both know that things pop up. We have fires to put out or a child that's sick or something goes wrong. Don't save your biggest task for the end of the day.

Do it in the beginning so if something does pop up you're good to go and you've still been productive. Now that you've been daydreaming about everything you want in the next 1-5 years, let's come back down to earth and decide what are 3 goals you want to do in the next 6 months based off what you wrote down. I get that we may not complete a 5 year goal in 6 months, but I want you to ask yourself…is this my 5 year vision? What will help me feel really accomplished?

When you write down one of your top 3 goals for the next 6 months think if that’s heading toward your 5 year goal. I recently did an assignment at a mastermind that I was in and I feel like if you look down you just keep looking down. You just keep heading toward this direction or just keep going forward and then you look up and you're going how did I get here? I feel like I need to know my 5 year vision in my head so that I don't look up and go whoa, I was trying to get somewhere else.

The hard part is to pick only 3 goals you’re going to do in the next 6 months. That's it. Then we will break down just one goal at a time. Now if you missed episode 266 we talked about 5 ways to increase self-discipline. Make sure to grab the workbook that will actually work really well with this episode too. (You can download the workbook here!) After we have those 3 goals, that work that will help you walk through it. After you get that workbook and have your goals, I want you to have at least five action items for that 1 goal you chose.

If the #1 goal was to launch a new website site, then maybe your action items are  hire a graphic designer, schedule a photo shoot with new headshots, get a list of updated services, updated copy for the about me page or the home page and so on. Here is where people get stuck…when they create the tasks for each action. The more we break things down the more we go oh my goodness I'm never going to get this done!

Say you pick a new photoshoot for new headshots. There's a lot of little tasks in there. You have to find a great photographer, book your appointment, schedule a virtual meeting maybe with a fashion consultant or somebody to help you pick out certain outfits, schedule hair and makeup with a local stylist and so on. All of a sudden your 3 things turn into 5 action items and we book all these little tasks underneath them. It starts to get very, very overwhelming. Just look at the small numbers first assigned to tasks to take things off your list. We can get very overwhelmed and then all of a sudden we're just frozen right. Just take one thing at a time.

Another thing that's going to help you take action is accountability. Publicly declare your goals. The other day I thought to myself I need to do something different, something I haven't done before. Something I just randomly decided I want to do is  30 days in a row of going live. You want to know what I did next?

I went live and I said hey guys, here's what I'm doing…I'm going live 30 days in a row. I told my community before I told my team! Trust me there’s no way I would not show up live after I’ve announced it. Right? That is one step that always helps me so if you need a little bit of accountability you guys, tell somebody, shout it out and share with people what you're going to be doing.

Just tell people you're doing this because the longer you wait, you know what happens. You talk yourself out of it. It gets scarier and scarier and scarier. We always get stuck waiting, procrastinating and just waiting for the perfect time. We're basically talking ourselves out of it. Just go for it. Do something today that you know you should have been doing a long time ago. Shout it out so that we can hold you accountable for that. Tag me @stacytuschl and use the hashtag #shesbuildingherempire and tell me what you are up too!