You know I love a good time management hack. Anything that maximizes my efficiency in completing tasks, getting me closer to my goals as quickly as possible, I am all for it.

You too? Then you won’t want to miss this conversation with Powerhouse client, Megan Sumrell. Megan is a productivity and time management coach who helps women ditch the overwhelm and create more work+life harmony in their lives. Who doesn’t need more of that?

Listen in for these 3 important takeaways:
  1. The pivotal moment that led Megan to know she needed to take control of how she used her time. (Spoiler alert: do you have an answer when someone asks what you do for fun? If not, you need her systems.)

  2. Why if you’re serious about managing your time effectively, a to-do list just won’t cut it. And the calendar set-up you need to use to actually plan and get stuff done.

  3. The overlooked factor you need to take into consideration when planning the days and times that you will complete certain tasks.

Staying in the fight-or-flight state of mind that comes along with overwhelm is severely limiting your ability to prioritize and stay productive. There is so much more to Megan’s planning system than we could cover here, so you’ll want to check out all the amazing tools she has to offer.

She just released a smartphone app, The Pink Bee so you can manage your time effectively from anywhere. Definitely go grab it!



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