We are about to change things up here at Foot Traffic, and I already know the kinds of reactions we are going to get. I’ve been in business for 20 years this month and over the years I have rebranded or up leveled my business many times. When I do, it definitely draws attention from current customers, past clients, and even potential clients that were once sitting quietly.

People start saying things like, “wow, you guys are really killing it,” or “things look like they are going really well”. There is a perception that comes with a fresh look. You now how you feel when you go get a hair cut or fresh color, you get the new iPhone, a new car… you just feel better.

This is what it feels like to your customers when you update an old website, enhance your videos on social, or gain clarity on your ideal client.

Ways to Refresh Your Brand

  • New fonts

  • Change up brand colors

  • New look

  • Updated logo

  • New photos

  • Move things around

People crave fresh, new, and trendy. How can you freshen up what you currently have going on?

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