It’s possible to create company values that actually mean something and that can assist you in delegating responsibility to your team.

Maybe you don’t have established company values or you don’t know how to use them for anything significant. You might have just grabbed some words that sounded good and put them together. Maybe your team isn’t aware of them or they don’t play a part in your decision-making within your business.

3 key takeaways to listen for in this episode:

1. Two key factors that will guide you in choosing your best values.

2. Important ways you can use your company values for hiring, rewarding, and letting go within your team.

3. The exact way I use our company values to allow my business to run without me.

Company values should be the foundation of your decision making and be clearly represented within your team and your customer-facing work. I hope this episode gets you one step closer to making that your reality.

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