People are always asking how I move so quickly and how I get new offers to take off so fast. Today I'm going to break down what that looks like.

I pay to get things done quickly because the internet moves at lightning speed, marketing messages change, offers need to change. You've got to keep up or by the time you've implemented something that strategy is out of date.

In today's episode I'm sharing all the ways that I pay for speed and why I make it a priority to invest in my business.

Three key points to listen for:

1. Where I make the choices to be reserved with my budget and where I refuse to settle for the cheapest option.

2. One of the most important investments I make is in my own growth and learning. I'll share the resources I buy and why it's so important.

3. How investing in a team makes a huge difference in getting things done quickly if you know how to do it effectively.

I want this episode to shift your perspective away from being unable to afford outsourcing or investing in professional development. If you're not paying for the ability to grow faster, you're paying for it in lost revenue.

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