You need to have an organization chart for your small business (even if you’re still hiring).  When everyone reports to you there is no way to keep the expectations and communication clear.  You end up micromanaging and somehow it still seems like things aren’t getting done to your standards or your team is confused.

Imagine having a maximum of two people reporting back to you with a summary of the status of different projects. You still know about any challenges and the things are getting done. It just doesn’t come from 6 different people.

3 key insights in this episode:

1. You can have one person wearing multiple hats but you do not want multiple people sharing a position as a leader.

2. Having an effective org chart is a system including 4 phases that allow you to evaluate the right people in the right spots and plan your next steps. We’ll dive into how to get started.

3. Once you have your first or revised version of your org chart, you need everyone on the same page. We’ll talk in this episode about the final steps of the org chart creation system.

A strategically planned organization chart changes the whole business game when it comes to leveling up in accountability and efficiency.

You can find the video version of this training HERE inside the Scale Your Small Business Facebook group. Head over to the post using this link and comment ORG Chart to get a copy of ours to use as a model.

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