How To Get CLEAR On Your Products, Service and Offer

Today we’re going to get clear on your offer because a confused buyer…doesn’t buy. I know you want to impact more people, make more sales, grow the business you want to grow and just positively impact the people that you’re trying to serve and really hit their pain points. I have 4 tips for you to do just that!

Tip #1 – get clear on what you want to offer

What is it that you love? What are you passionate about? Entrepreneurship is really hard sometimes and you’ve got to make sure you wake up and you’re excited to work! Every day you should want to dive into your office and get started. So, how do we figure out what the market wants and what they could use from you? How do we best serve them?

Let’s say you make soaps and they are green, eco-friendly soaps. Here’s what I would do…I would head on over to a Facebook group and I would look for something that is eco-friendly and then inside the Facebook group you can start a search. You can search the discussion and put in that keyword. So you would type in ‘soap’ and you’re going to get all these people that have interest in what you do specifically!

Imagine if you were an Instagram expert and you popped into an entrepreneurial Facebook group and you typed in the word ‘Instagram’. All of a sudden you’ll see your ideal client, their questions, their needs and you have their problems. It’s great market research! So that’s just one tool you can use but there’s also great places like Pinterest and YouTube that use keywords and have that search engine optimization that you’re looking for.

You may not have an audience and that’s fine! BUT…that’s not an excuse!! There are so many people online waiting to find out your solution to their problem so be sure you get very clear on what you want to offer.

Tip #2 – name your product

Don’t get crazy here! I see so many people that have crazy names that are spelled differently or are in French and they mean something. Don’t get crazy. We want people to see your program, see your product and know what it is, because we want them to know it’s going to solve their problem.

One of my signature programs is The Profit Mastermind and it’s super simple. People can look at that name and kind of figure out what it means. We want that for you too! Keep it simple and find what is going to really help people understand what your product does.

Tip #3 – create the sales page before you create the product

Now, that might seem completely backwards but here’s the thing, it’s kind of like writing a book. You wouldn’t just sit down and start writing chapter one. What do you do first? You write the overview, you figure out what all the chapters are going to look like then you fill in those blanks. Same thing here. Write that sales page, figure out what the benefits are, what you’re offering and have that overview. This will help you create the product or program!

Tip #4 – get specific and go deep

One of my worst products I ever created was one of those everything but the kitchen sink programs. People don’t want surface-level from you. They want to go deep and they want to get results. So I always ask myself before I create something, what’s the one big bold promise I’m going to be giving to my customers? Ask yourself that. What is something you are hoping they accomplish within that specific period of time? You want to make sure you know what that is and you want to get them results because you want them to become raving fans. This will lead to amazing testimonials so other clients will check out your stuff as well.

WAIT! I have a bonus tip for you! I want you to survey your audience no matter how big or small. You have people that you can survey and just ask a few questions. The biggest thing is we want to find out what they say in their language. We want to figure out what words they’re using, we want to make sure that whatever they’re saying, see what their biggest problems are and that their biggest struggles are reflected in your offer.

It doesn’t mean your product will change but it might mean we have to change our offer. This means the language that we use on our sales page, our email sequences or on video. When we offer it to them we want to use the exact language and the pain points, the struggles that they use in that survey to offer the product to them.

Those are the tips you need to get clear on your offer! The most important one is that survey!