How To Get Over The Fear Of Selling

How To Get Over The Fear Of Selling

How much money are you losing because of your fear of selling?  Whenever you pull out your credit card to buy something, stop and ask yourself “why”.  What was it that made that sale feel good and why did you want to purchase that product?  Learning to sell takes time. This isn’t a skill set that comes easily to everyone. If you don’t feel like you’re a natural salesperson, the good news is, you can get there!  Do you want more sales?? You should be afraid of going backward if you don’t start taking some proactive steps to move forward and sell. Time is the most limiting resource that an entrepreneur has so you need to be making money and constantly moving forward.  With that being said, let’s talk about some strategies to get you more comfortable with selling:


Believing In Your Product 

Is your product as amazing as you say it is? Do you believe that your product is the best product for your customer? Some entrepreneurs are not there yet and don’t believe their own hype. How are you going to sell something that you do not believe in? That negative energy gets through to your customers and they are not convinced that they need to purchase.  You should be so confident in your product or service that you feel guilty for not telling everyone!  Do you feel that way about your product? This confidence comes from knowing your product is the best possible thing for your customer. Maybe you need to change your offer, add more value, or refine some of the brandings. Whatever it is, make sure that once all is said and done you truly believe in your product.   

Take The Pressure Off 

Get your customers to help sell your product! If you find the most amazing deal at Target or a new product you love, you tell all your friends about it!  You are referring them to Target. You don’t work for Target or have anything invested in Target, but you love the product! You tell everyone because you thought they needed it, too.  Your customers aren’t the only ones to refer your product – get your team involved, too! Offer incentives or bonuses to motivate them to refer or sell the company product.  Showcase your customers sharing your amazing products. When you share testimonials, your customers are doing the selling for you. Your potential customers are thinking, “Well, if it worked for her, it can work for me!”  How can we get other people to help us sell so all the energy and effort isn’t on us as the business leader?   

Stop Boring Your Customers By Using Only Organic Traffic

Do you ever get tired when you see the same thing over and over again? Well, so do your customers! One of the most important things to do is make sure that you have a paid traffic strategy.  There are two things that you need in order to sell to paid traffic: targeted ads paired with a sales funnel. If you do not have those things right now, you might feel like you are selling too much! You need a sales funnel to work for you.  You need to utilize the power of both organic and paid traffic. You can give value to your business while making money for other platforms!  You cannot continue to grow your business as it is today as an entrepreneur without automation. Getting a sales funnel automated and working for you is going to be what keeps your head above water!   

Shift Your Perspective 

Some of you probably associate selling with a negative experience. If you have a fear of selling, it’s because you are thinking, “I don’t want to be that person.”  Understand that you don’t have to sell like that! Erase that memory and let it be a reminder of what you are not going to do.  Think about the last purchase you made where you pulled out your credit card and purchased with no hesitation! What was it that you liked about that product that made you want to buy it? Start to emulate that and think about what you like and don’t like.  When it’s done in a way that benefits the customer, they will never be upset or feel like you are selling to them!   

You Are Moving Too Quickly

You are jumping in too quickly! You are going straight from “good fit” to “buy!” When you ask 20 people and no one responds, that could scare you and make you think that no one wants your product.   

Create More Value On A Consistent Basis 

You need to be creating value on a consistent basis. When you create value regularly, selling should be only 20% of your time. If you show up for 30 seconds and then sell, it’s not going to feel that good.  For example, if you have a two-minute-long sales pitch, you need to be on a Facebook live or your webinar giving value for 8 minutes before your pitch. The selling is only 20% of what you are talking about. You need to show up and be a true friend to your customers. When you pitch your product as their friend, your customers feel good about the purchase. 

All of this comes back to believing in your product and the value you give to your customers! You may need to learn how to bring more value to your customers by upleveling your content.  How can you produce more value so you don’t feel like you are always selling?  The Content MachineTM is the program you need to help you uplevel all of your content and get you over the fear of selling!