Do you want to get your money’s worth in your business?

Then why aren’t you maximizing your contractor relationships?

Most entrepreneurs have the tendency to cut their contractors some slack just because they are not full-time employees.

Some even feel ashamed to demand more time from their contractors.

But here’s the thing:

That’s just wrong!

Full-time or not, you’re spending money on contractors.

So it’s completely fair that you have high expectations about their output!

In this episode of the Foot Traffic Podcast, I speak about what you can do to make sure that you’re maximizing every contract you enter into with a contractor.

Ready to enter into the best contractor deal of your career?

The Key Questions

  • How to set the right meeting agenda for your contractor meeting? (00:26)
  • Why would I need to set a weekly meeting with contractors? (1:21)
  • How and when to ask for reports from contractors? (2:20)
  • How can I protect myself from bad contracts? (10:04) 
  • How can I deal with contract negotiations? (11:01)

What You’ll Learn

  • Contractors are an integral part of your business (00:42)
  • The right way to seek accountability from contractors (3:04)
  • Hiring contractors are worth it (7:02)
  • A bad contract can hurt (8:25)
  • The importance of your contract (10:39)

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