Have you ever wondered how to actually get a vision board to “work”? Maybe you’re new to vision boards and have no idea why you’d want to spend time making one.

I completely get it.

In today’s episode I’m sharing my experience with my vision board and how you can get one to work for you, even if you’re not crafty (like me) or into woo-woo manifestation.

3 key points in this episode:

1. Why it’s important to have a vision board.

2. The reason I had my whole team create vision boards.

3. How to create a vision board that actually works for bringing your vision into reality.

Making a vision board is a great way to start the new year or anytime you feel you need to reset and find new motivation. If you have one or create one, I’d love to have you tag me on social so I can support you in making it a reality.

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