Welcome back to the show! Today I got to sit down with a new friend of mine, Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc is the founder of a multi million dollar coaching brand called Unstoppable Success, she is a best selling author, and she is a wealth of knowledge about many things business related but especially positive psychology. Positive psychology is something Niyc studied for many years and she uses that knowledge to help people build multi million dollar businesses.

Niyc and I talk about:

  • How to use positive psychology with your team
  • How to use positive psychology on yourself: how to move on from tough situations
  • What you can do throughout your work day to take care of yourself
  • Her entrepreneurial journey and how she started
  • Focusing on what you CAN do instead of your shortcomings
  • How to build the skillset of moving towards the positive instead of the negative
  • Looking for the lesson
  • Her mindset around hiring and how she trains her team to embrace positive psychology

This is a really powerful episode with lessons you can take away about how to slow down, see the big picture, and focus on the positive. So many times in business we focus on whats not working, what could be going better, and how we are falling short. Niyc is a breath of fresh air and a reminder of why it is so important to stay positive. Enjoy!

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