How to Implement a Social Media Action Plan

Did you know that the average small business owner spends 6 hours each week on social media? 

You’re promoting content, trying to expand your audience, reaching out to leads, and…let’s face it…wasting time scrolling and comparing yourself to others.  

Imagine what opportunities would open up for you if you had a social media strategy for your posting. You can shift your use of social media from a major time suck to a profitable marketing plan for your small business. 

Let’s talk about how to create a simple, yet actionable plan for a consistent social media strategy!

I hear all the time from small business owners that they’re challenged by: 

  • planning out engaging content to keep your audience coming back.
  • writing captions, creating graphics, filming videos, reels and more!
  • networking and promoting without sounding “salesy”.

The key to a successful social media strategy is breaking down these challenges into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  

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I get it! 

Let me share with you a couple of examples of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will bring the most “bang for the buck” (if you will): 

  • Daily — keep showing up! Consistency is crucial to social media success. Schedule daily (M-F) posts to your feed and stories. 
  • Weekly — network. Reach out to other businesses or brands you’d like to connect with. Social media is so powerful for promoting and sharing each other’s incredible work. 
  • Monthly — track and plan. Another key element of social media success is evaluating your analytics. Notice what worked and repeat it and tweak what didn’t. 

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Ready to dive deeper into creating your social media content? Things are always changing and it’s important to understand how to keep up with trends and what really generates engagement (psst: you’ll really need engagement). 

I have another post, Top 5 Social Media Questions People Are Asking that will serve as a great follow-up for the foundation you’ll build with your checklist. 

Get the answers to the current burning questions: 

  1. Do I need a cohesive theme on my IG grid? 
  2. What method do I focus on when posting content? 
  3. How do I engage with my followers? 
  4. How do I get new people to discover me or my brand? 
  5. How do I combat ‘cancel culture’? 

So much goodness, practical and easy-to-follow advice in the answers to these questions. 

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