Melody Pourmoradi is on a mission is to empower women to empower girls through the opportunity to become certified workshop leaders. And she’s made quite a name for herself in the space of successful female business ownership.

As a mom of two girls, this conversation with Melody Pourmoradi, founder of Girlife Academy, really spoke to my passion for women’s empowerment and business leadership.

She was able to share in this episode so much insight into what it means to create an entrepreneurial lifestyle that truly increases income while also making a tremendous impact on the world.

Three key takeaways from this episode to listen for:

  1. The importance of making an impact and how to actually accomplish it. We all say we want to increase income and impact. Melody shares her perspective on what this means to her.

  2. How to take action when it feels like something is missing and you’re no longer lit up by what you’re doing as an entrepreneur.

  3. When you’re doing something that is truly impactful and in alignment with your values, putting the other pieces in place to run a successful business becomes so much easier.

Even if you don’t have girls or children of your own, you’ll get so much out of this episode. Being an entrepreneur is so much more than running a business. Melody is truly an inspiration and example of what it can look like to be excited about what you’re doing while also getting to increase income.

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