How To Kill It On Instagram With Britt Seva

If you’re ready to learn breakthrough marketing strategies from a former hairstylist, this is for you! I recently did a podcast with my dear friend and fellow mastermind member, Britt Seva. If you watch my IG stories, then you might recall Britt was one of my roomies when we flooded our NYC apartment.

If you don’t know who Britt is, it’s probably because you’re not a hairstylist and that is primarily who see she serves. But that is why she does so well. She has her business so niched down that it’s really a lot easier to serve when you’re talking to a specific person.

“We have these zones of genius that we don’t even know make us special and tell other people come to us for advice…”

I follow Britt on Instagram and she is just a creative genius. She is always doing something new and exciting that I would never think of! She is spilling all her secrets and I am so excited to share that with you.

Why you need capture all the behind the scenes

One thing that I have realized is how much people LOVE seeing behind the scenes. When Britt and I were in New York City for a mastermind our group of friends ended up leaving our rooftop open to the apartment we rented. Long story short, we came back and the place was flooded….of course we all posted to Instagram and our stories and people were loving it! I would never think this would be something people cared about but they really do.

How does Britt find inspiration?

Britt is a BIG believer in finding people that inspire her.

“I made a commitment to myself, I first made it in January of 2018 and I decided to put blinders on and I actually stopped following those in my own industry and I decided to just see what other people were doing.”

If you go look at who she’s following it’s totally random and unrelated to her business. She follows people like stationary companies, furniture companies, donut places, bloggers and ice cream shops that just post inspiring things that captures her.

“I wanted to curate especially my Instagram feed into something I’m obsessed with, like I want every single photo that hits my Instagram to light me up.”

Find the people that inspire you and that bring a creative side to you. Look to people who are not in your industry so you can see fresh and new ideas that nobody around you is doing. When you go to post new things, people will see you as a trendsetter and will be looking to you for fresh, new things!

Always be one step ahead. Some people will copy you…of course they will! But how do we get that thought of people are just copying me so I can’t share that? I know how it feels to want to keep everything to yourself and keep all the secrets! But as Britt says, “how can I even call myself an educator or an influencer myself when I’m trying to hoard all the goodness?” That is SO true. Take it as a positive thing if people are seeing what you’re doing and making it work for their business.

How does Britt come up with content?

I don’t know about you but one of my biggest problems is coming up with new, consistent content. Britt shared that she recently had a shift in the way the way she does social media. Within the last 18 months she decided that everything she was going to post or share was going to add value to her followers lives in one way or another. That is brilliant!

I never thought people would care what I ate for lunch, my morning ritual or my favorite products but people do!! Britt does a weekly story where she shares her favorite things and at first she thought it was ridiculous but she told me she has never received more DM’s than when she does posts like that.

“The more human you can become with the people who follow you the more they’re going to trust you and fall in love with you and see you for who you are.”

So many times we now feel like we know each other so well through social media. But at the same time when it’s somebody who’s just in your community or tribe they want to know all of it. Not just the best tips or fitness tips or whatever it is you teach. They want to know what do you do on the weekends? What you do for fun? Do you have children? It makes us more relatable and we all trust people that seem relatable, people that we trust or know and love. It totally makes that difference.

Where does Britt spend most of her time?

Britt says that Facebook is her go-to platform and that is where over 80 percent of her new business is. Her content is mostly Facebook lives, a few ads and she recently started posting photo content. Facebook polls are big right now that Britt is taking advantage of. They allow you to ask the right questions to your audience, find out what they like, what they want more of and anything else you want to know!

Just like Britt we have both become more comfortable on Instagram the more we use it. It’s all a learning process! It took me so long to remember and even think about the fact that I need to be posting on my story and keeping up everyday.

We all have to start somewhere find our vibe and find our message. Whatever you are doing now you will continue to get better and better.

When did Britt decide a podcast is right?

Britt says the success of her podcast was all in good timing. She had been playing with the idea of starting a podcast since she started listening to them in 2014. She always thought maybe I should start but she didn’t for a long time because she didn’t think her industry was ready, didn’t think she was ready and didn’t think that her voice or messaging was clear enough yet.

She thought about this podcast for months and even asked our mastermind for tips, advice and just picking our brains about it. Britt had a batch of six episodes and three others ready to go and she launched. If you are thinking about starting a podcast, you just have to start!

Who does this and why am I not doing this?

If you don’t know by now Britt is a creative genius. When we were in New York, she decided to interview all of us on the spot about our hair, our stylists and our salon experiences all while we were walking. It BLEW UP on Instagram!

“It comes back to really knowing what my audience desperately needs like I am always I’m thinking so much less about myself and how to make more money and how to make move my business forward. I am always thinking what does my audience need more of.”

For me I have noticed that it’s totally true that people like the random, not put together posts. I know I need to share more behind the scenes and stories. Britt is currently obsessing over Instastories and says anybody who’s not is really missing out big time!

If you are still afraid to be on video you have got to get over that! Start doing Facebook or Instagram lives. I just started a 30 day challenge for myself where I am going live every day for 30 days! This is scary for me because I like to know what questions to ask, I always have content prepared and I have nothing like that for this challenge. There’s going to be times when I come on and I’m like I don’t know what we’re talking about today, but here’s what I’m working on or here’s what I’m doing and that scares me.

But in a good way because again people want you to be real. They don’t always want things that are prepared and polished. So I’m excited to get to do more with video. But if you’re not doing it yet…you just have to start!

If you want more from Britt be sure to check her out on social media, @brittseva and listen to the podcast episode!