Stacy tackles the pressing issue of low profit margins affecting many small businesses and shares 10 practical strategies to help you maximize profitability for your financial health.

From mastering your numbers and trimming expenses to reevaluating pricing and renegotiating contracts, these steps will empower your business. Discover the importance of customer retention and upselling, along with the benefits of daily cash flow monitoring. Learn why seeking help from your CPA and coach is crucial. Plus, explore the concept of temporary lines of credit. Don’t let low profit margins hold you back – take charge of your financial success today!

Also in this episode:

  • Profit Margins Are Critical: A good profit margin is typically 10 to 20% or higher.
  • Watch Your Expenses: Even if you have a $500,000 business, high monthly expenses can leave you living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Act Now: Don’t assume that your financial situation will improve with time or larger numbers.
  • Know Your Numbers: Don’t rely solely on bookkeepers or CPAs; take an active role in understanding your finances.
  • Cut Costs Wisely: Reduce costs where possible, but don’t go too far and starve your business. Sometimes spending a bit more can lead to increased revenue.
  • Consider Raising Prices: If your profit margins are slim, consider raising prices if your customers perceive the value in your products or services.


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As a best selling author, speaker, and successful business owner, I empower small business owners to thrive. Through my Well-Oiled Operations™ approach, I assist entrepreneurs in attracting customers, increasing profits, and finding personal happiness. My proven process helps students overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and establish self-sustaining ventures—all while maintaining a balanced life. You shouldn’t sacrifice your well-being for your business; your business should enhance your life. I understand the worries and doubts you face, but trust me, your dreams can be realized. Let me guide you in transforming your local business into your ultimate vision, fostering tranquility, prosperity, and fulfillment.

How To Maximize Profitability When The Margins For Your Business Are Thin

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