How to Prioritize the Right Things in Your Business (And Why It Matters)

The things you prioritize in your business are the same things that will generate the most results for you.

Discover five tips on how to prioritize the right things in your business. 

Many business owners fail not because they don’t have good ideas. 

Quite the opposite, actually. 

Some of the best, most creative, and most innovative minds have so many good ideas… So much so that they tend to get lost in identifying what to prioritize. This is why many entrepreneurs have dozens of unfinished projects on their plates. 

Here’s how these ‘great idea hamster wheels’ usually work:

  1. You think of a good idea for your business
  2. You start working on that idea
  3. You get another good idea for your business
  4. You think this new idea trumps your old one
  5. You abandon the old idea to get started on the new one. 
  6. You get another good idea for your business

So, at the end of the day, you have a mountain of ideas — all with great potential to take your business to the next level. But not a single one ever sees the light of day. And it’s all because you missed an important step in the process: 

Prioritizing tasks in order of importance. 

If you could just learn to stick to one idea until it’s finished before moving on to your next one… Just think of how much you could change the entire trajectory of your business

That would be pretty awesome, right? 

So, that’s what I’ll help you learn in this article. 

Read on to get five tips on how to prioritize the right things in your business. 


5 Tips to Prioritizing the Right Things in Business

Prioritization boils down to three simple steps:

  • Sticking to a plan
  • Organizing tasks in a way that will bring you the biggest return
  • Seeing it through until it’s finished

Simple, yes. But not easy. 

Because our minds could get pretty busy coming up with one good idea after the other. 

So, here are five tips on how you could prioritize the right things in your business: 


Tip #1: Finish projects that have already been started

First things first. 

You need to finish the projects you’ve already started within your business. There was a reason you once thought it was a good idea to embark on those projects, right? And as long as that reason still makes sense today, then there’s no reason why you should leave them unfinished. 

Remember, it’s all about prioritizing things that will give you the biggest returns. And projects you’ve already started investing time and resources in are bound to give you bigger returns than anything you have yet to start. 


Tip #2: Give yourself and your team enough time to prepare for and execute a project

As you pick up where you left those unfinished projects off, you’ve got to remember to give yourself and your team enough time to prepare for and execute them. 

You know the old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”? That makes so much sense in project management. 

I know you want results fast. But unless you give yourself and your entire team ample time to prepare for a project launch or implementation… you won’t get good results in the end. 


Tip #3: Avoid doing things under pressure or a tight timeline

When preparing to launch or implement a project, avoid getting yourself a super tight timeline. Because if you start a project under pressure to finish it as soon as possible… your tendency would be to come in underprepared. 

Now, you might have several things on your priority list. And you might want to tick all of them off the fastest way possible. But prioritization is not just about finishing everything on your to-do list. It’s also about making sure that each task on your list is given enough time and attention. 

Imagine if a dentist were to breeze through his or her appointments just to get rid of the queue in reception. 

How many of those patients do you think would be back the next day, complaining of worse pain than they were the day before? Worse, how many of those patients do you think would find a new dentist for their next appointment?

The same thing will happen to your business if you insist on doing things on a tight deadline.


Tip #4: Give projects enough time to generate results

Just as you give your projects enough prep time, so should you give them enough time to generate results.

This is what many business owners struggle with.

Just because a project doesn’t generate instant results, they already believe it simply doesn’t work. So, they think it’s better to just move on to a different thing until they find something that works. 

But what if everything you start doing doesn’t give instant results? Do you give up? 

Of course not!

You give things enough time to grow and get the results you want. 


Tip #5: Make sure everyone’s on the same page regarding your business’s current priorities

Here’s another crucial part of prioritizing: getting your entire team on the same page as to what are the things they should be working on at the moment. 

Remember that you need your team to be as synchronized as possible. It doesn’t make sense for you to prioritize one thing while the rest of your team works on something else. 

Think of chefs in a five-star restaurant synchronizing their cooking times. This way, every part of a dish is ready when they’re supposed to be, instead of the meat getting cold because one chef worked on a different relish first. 

You don’t want that in your business. 

So, once you’ve decided on an order of prioritization of tasks in your business, make sure everyone’s in on it. 


Start Prioritizing Better

It bears repeating that whatever you prioritize in business will generate most of your results. 

So, you want to make sure that you’re prioritizing all the right things… and seeing them through until they’re finished. 

Now, if you ever need any help organizing your tasks and projects in order of importance, I can help with that. Just book a free strategy call with me here: so we can work on it together.