To really work efficiently and see the growth or even simply consistency you need to run a sustainable, profitable business, you absolutely need to set boundaries on your time and energy.

So in today’s episode, we’re talking about exactly How to Protect Your Time by Saying No (without sounding like a jerk).

As a small business owner, you get a lot of different types of requests from a variety of sources and you’re a nice person so you say “yes” even when you need and want to say “no.”

  • You think saying yes to everything will mean more business.
  • You end up pulled in a million directions and feeling scattered.
  • Your productivity suffers.

Time that could be spent on your vision, goals, and revenue-generating activities goes down the drain because of other people’s requests.

Imagine how things could change if you knew exactly what to say to requests that aren’t the best use of your time without hurting anyone’s feelings or burning any bridges.

In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  1. Say no graciously – you can say no and still communicate that you appreciate that they reached out/thought of you/sent an invitation.

  2. Blame it on your schedule – even if you realistically have “some space” the idea is you’re protecting your time and energy for the activities and tasks that light you up and actually need to get done.

  3. Refer them to your resources – granting requests is a great way to generate business and can be accomplished while still protecting your time. Refer them to your paid or free resources so they can keep in touch with you and familiarize themselves with your offers.

It is possible to maintain boundaries on your time and energy while also keeping relationships and building new ones.

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