Stacy discusses the philosophy of “inspect what you expect”, and tackles the challenge of team management, accountability, as well as the essential strategies for optimizing team performance without micromanaging. 

Most small business owners believe they’re too busy to inspect anything because they have too many of their own tasks. Whether it’s you, or you decide to bring on a manager, you need to be doing this. Stacy stresses the importance of setting clear expectations and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for team members. Auditing and inspection techniques are discussed, highlighting the significance of providing constructive feedback without overwhelming individuals. Proper documentation is essential for transparency and evidence, but also celebrating team strengths and achievements is just as important to the overall success of your team too. 

Also in this episode: 

  • Set Clear Expectations: Ensure your team understands what is expected of them, including deadlines and quality standards.
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Define measurable KPIs for your team members, especially for new hires. Consider setting introductory KPIs for the first 30 days to create a sense of urgency and direction.
  • Regular Check-Ins and Audits: These spot checks and audits help keep your team on track and accountable.
  • Peer-to-Peer Feedback: Peer feedback can help individuals improve and learn from their colleagues’ experiences.
  • Documentation: Maintain thorough documentation of team performance, including meeting notes, complaints, and compliments. This documentation helps you keep track of performance trends and provides evidence for discussions.
  • Recognize and Encourage the Good: Make an effort to recognize and celebrate the good work your team does. Compliment them sincerely and frequently to boost morale and motivation.

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Inspect What You Expect: Your Essential Guide To Effective Team Management WITHOUT Micromanaging

The Well-Oiled Operations Podcast With Stacy Tuschl