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5 Step Interview Process for Finding A-Players

A completely free step-by-step checklist to enhance your interviewing skills and fast track your next hire

Just Enter Your Details Below and I’ll Send It To You

Just Enter Your Details Below and I’ll Send It To You

A Completely Free Step-By-Step Checklist To Enhance Your Interviewing Skills And Fast Track Your Next Hire

Hiring the wrong person is costly. It can set your business back up to 20% of the bad hire’s first-year income- not to mention the lost productivity and extra time spent on pointless training. Most important, though, is the potential damage to your reputation and consumer relationships. It’s hard enough getting people in the door, and one lousy interaction will turn them right on their heels. So follow these steps to find someone who aligns with your ideals and business goals. Hire an employee motivated to grow with you and not just show up for the next paycheck.


How to Condense an Overwhelming Amount of Applications Down to Just a Few Without Combing Through Resumes

    • You’re too busy to read through resumes of people that “auto replied”. This strategy will help your sort through qualified candidates only.
    • Most unqualified candidates won’t make it past this first step.
    • Let lazy applicants weed themselves out.


The Strategy We Use to See Their Working Style Before We Ever Make A Job Offer

    • The single best strategy we use to decide who will be a right fit long term.
    • Don’t wait to hire an employee to see how they work. Use this project to test their work ethic and critical thinking skills before the first day.
    • Here’s how we test candidates on their critical skills before even receiving their application.


The #1 Mistake That Causes New Employees to Quit or Get Fired in the First 30 Days

    • Bad hires are costly, and you’ll cut down your chances of that happening with this strategy.
    • Don’t waste your valuable time and money on someone who doesn’t care about you and your business.
    • The right applicant will be a match for your brand’s ideals and visions and isn’t just there for a paycheck.


The Method We Use When It’s Down to the Final 2 (This is the perfect strategy to use when you can’t decide on just one candidate.)

    • It’s never bad to have too many good choices, but when you can only pick one new hire it can be hard to let someone great go.
    • How can you be sure that you aren’t missing the perfect candidate sitting right in front of you?
    • Here’s how you can single out the best of the best and stop mistaking motivated mediocrity for real talent.


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