Introducing the Same Pager™:The 4 Things You Need to Know to Create a Million-Dollar Business

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Amy’s business was dedicated to giving the highest quality soccer education in her area. In her quest to deliver excellent service, she asks clients questions about her business. In particular, she asks them why they chose her business and the reason why they kept coming back. 

But Amy kept getting shocked by the answers.

You see, she assumed that she was on track with having soccer as her highest value since she teaches the sport. But when she asked the parents what was the most important to them… they ranked soccer only at number 3. 

It blew her away.

So, Amy decided to immediately go back to the drawing board. She changed her website, messaging, and marketing to reflect the views of her clients.

What Amy did was not easy. 

First, she needed to reflect on and correct the vision and mission of her business. And then, she needed to ensure her whole team knew and understood the changes she put in place. All that can be pretty overwhelming for most business owners.

If a change like that is something you need but you don’t know where to start… don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I want to introduce you to a certain special something I’ve come up with over the years. This is the Same Pager™ system that has helped many business owners to jumpstart their path towards creating a million-dollar business.


What is the Same Pager™? 

Simply put, the Same Pager™ is a one-page document that contains all the crucial pieces of the puzzle that every single member of my team needs to know.

I created the document when someone on my team, who has been working for me for nearly two months already, asked this question: 

“So, this might be a dumb question, but what is the #1 thing we are trying to sell and how do we typically sell that thing?”

It was a pivotal moment for me. 

I knew we had too many things for sale and too many ways to sell them. And I also knew he was an intelligent person – but he was honestly confused. So, I wanted to change things. 

I created this Same Pager™ to ensure that we’re all really on the same page.

Now, the Same Pager™ typically includes the following things:


1. Your Best Seller

This doesn’t always have to be the thing that sells more than anything else. For the purposes of the Same Pager™, the best seller is the product you want to be able to sell the most in the future. 

In other words, this is the product that’s your #1 focus.

The thing is, you have to be intentional about which product you want to turn into your best seller. You need to treat it differently. Improve upon it as much as you can so it will quickly rise to the top.

Let me give you an example of how this works:

At the end of 2019, we launched a new product that I intended to become our best seller. But in the first month, we only sold seven of our best seller. It got worse in the second month. And yet, nobody got discouraged. The team was crystal clear that this product was our focus.

In 2020, this new program grossed a little over $850,000. 

That would not have happened if we didn’t set and keep our intention. That’s the beauty of knowing and determining your best seller.


2. The Thing that Sells the Thing

After identifying your best seller, you must also figure out what activities you’ll do to sell your best seller.

For example, if I sell dance classes, the thing that will sell the thing is a free trial. If I can get someone to book a free trial, I know that, more often than not, they will sign up for monthly classes. For my online business, it would be booking free consults. And if you sell, let’s say, a diet meal plan, a thing that could sell your thing would be free deliveries for the first week.

The goal of this part is to make sure that your team is not wandering around aimlessly in the dark. 

They would know exactly what to do to turn your best seller into an actual best seller. And they would also know what not to focus on. After all, they know that the goal is always to prioritize your best seller.


3. The Critical Number

Now, you might be wondering:

“How exactly can I focus on my best seller?”

To this, I say: Track your critical number every day. This is simply the number that tells you how your company is doing. 

Each year, we set a critical number goal for the year, then track the number on a daily basis to see our progress.

I got the idea to do this from a book called The Great Game of Business. 

What we do is track our critical numbers in terms of units sold. Since we have two different levels of programs, we want to be careful that we don’t have each program created equal – after all, the higher level is 3x more of an investment. 

Taking that into consideration allows us to only have one focus as a team. At the same time, it makes it more enticing for our enrollment team to offer our higher-level product when the client is an ideal fit.


4. 3 Key Actions

These are basically the three biggest projects or action items that you’ll be working on this year to reach your critical number and drive sales to your best seller.


Get Your Team on the Same Page

Simply put, the Same Pager™ is the instructions inside of a board game. It’s the golden ticket that explains how to win the game and have a million-dollar business. 

Imagine we were playing a brand new game and we took it out of the box, left the instructions inside, and said, “I’m sure we can figure it out.”  Without understanding how to win, you and I will be wasting a ton of time. 

And yet, so many people do this every day in their businesses… and they wonder why it feels so difficult. And they ask themselves why no one is working as hard as them. 

Clearly, it’s because they are all not on the same page… Yet.

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