One of the biggest problems I see, is owners holding on to their business as a baby. You have to let your business grow up. You can’t keep it a baby forever.

In today's episode, I’m teaching you how to let go of control through 4 phases of delegation.

3 key points to take away from today's training:

  • A lack of consistency in decision-making creates confusion around how much autonomy your team members have.

  • When you have a team but don't transfer any ownership, it's still you running the show. If you are delegating but balls are getting dropped with no follow through you aren't feeling confident you're delegating the right things.

  • When you use a system that includes the 4 phases of delegation I’m teaching today you’ll accomplish the three things most of the people we work with want: Growth, Profit, Flexibility

You deserve the time and financial freedom that systematic delegation will allow you.

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