This episode with (fellow Midwest) entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jenna Kutcher has been a long time in the making. Getting on her calendar is challenging because she’s pretty well-known for her discretion in how she uses her time and energy, which is exactly why I needed to pick her brain.

With her new book, How Are You Really?, coming out in the next few days, I’m so glad she and I were finally able to connect as friends and entrepreneurs for this special conversation.

Three noteworthy gems you can expect to take away from this episode:

1. The trick your brain is playing on you when you witness the success of others and how to know what is actually meant for you.

2. Her tip for that drinking out of a firehouse feeling when you go to a mastermind type event and want to implement all of the ideas you hear.

3. The mindset shift to get us through the polarizing experience we face as female entrepreneurs and how to move forward with clarity.

And because she’s the queen of reserving her calendar for what’s most important, you can also expect to learn the mind-blowing way she suggests graciously declining when you need to say no to something out of alignment with your values.

This conversation is so meaningful and special and whether you’re a brick and mortar business owner, digital, or a combination of both, you’ll gain some powerful insight here.

Be sure to follow along with Jenna’s adventures at and listen in to The Goal Digger podcast.

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