I am so thrilled to share this episode with today’s guest, CEO of the Wild Agency and former Forbes contributor, Stephanie Burns.  Having been featured in Forbes twice, I can speak to the power of credible press opportunities to increase your visibility.  Fortunately, Stephanie has lots of insight to share with us on how important it is to get featured in well-known publications and exactly how to extend the life of any visibility strategy.

Three key takeaways to expect from this conversation:

1. The unique way Stephanie views writing as a collaborative process and how to be successful with your content creation in a way that increases your visibility.

2. Whether or not it’s crucial to get press features and how to actually make the most of it if/when you do.

3. A clear answer to exactly where to start when you’re ready to get more visible.

Of course as is her signature, she comes through with some super tangible ways to increase your visibility that you can start taking action on right now.

I know you are going to love this episode and come away from it fired up to gain more momentum in your visibility strategy.

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