In this episode of the Well-Oiled Operations™ podcast, Stacy takes us through a transformative journey with guest Alicia Ybarra, a bridal gown designer mastering Generation Z marketing techniques who recently achieved phenomenal success. Together, they dive into Alicia’s bold moves and innovative strategies, highlighting how businesses can significantly enhance their profits and operational efficiency.

Alicia discusses the implementation of a reactivation campaign, initially deemed unsuitable for her bridal business model. Demonstrating her adaptability and innovative spirit, Alicia generated a remarkable $36,956 in just 30 days. The episode further delves into how she effectively used text messaging and video campaigns to connect with Generation Z clients, leading to a substantial increase in sales and the strategic expansion of her product line to include menswear.


Also in this episode:

  • Adapting a one-time reactivation campaign into a long-term, effective sales strategy is a transformative approach for businesses, even if initially it seems unsuitable for their specific industry.
  • Embracing text and video messaging caters to the communication preferences of a target audience, leading to significant increases in engagement and sales.
  • The generation-specific approach proved critical, with emojis in texts resonating better with Generation Z, while the same strategy might not work with an older demographic.
  • Sales-driven mindset and focus on problem-solving have been the bedrock of her thriving in an industry that experiences constant shifts.
  • Reinforcement of the mantra not to give up, highlighting the importance of mindset and resilience in overcoming day-to-day business challenges.


Alicia Ybarra

Alicia has built Vanya Designs Bridal from the ground up. It started in her basement and has blossomed into the premier design house in the nation! Alicia’s passion is bringing your dreams to life and she loves everything bridal and formal. Her mission is to help you feel beautiful and loved in your own skin! When she isn’t working she loves gardening and Crossfit. Alicia graduated with her Masters Degree in Apparel and Textiles from KSU in 2003. She won the prestigious Entrepreneur Award from Kansas State University in 2022.

Alicia’s Phenomenal Sprint of our program earned $36,956.00. How did she do it?

Between herself and her team, they texted 600 brides about their couture sale, tuxedo rentals, and gown preservations. They closed 27 wedding gown alterations, 2 custom wedding gowns, 2 tuxedo parties, and a wedding gown preservation. They booked an additional 34 bride or suit appointments over the next 2 months, which are expected to bring in about $30k in sales. They should be able to upsell menswear to at least half of those, potentially bringing in an extra $30k over the next 12 months. She would not have figured out how to make these bookings and sales without the coaching from Stacy, Trisha, and Aleta. She was paralyzed with self-doubt and insecurities and just needed the push to get creative and get the job done!


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