Welcome back to Well-Oiled Operations! Today I am sitting down with Marianne Page, author of the book, All About Systems. Marianne has an incredible work history that includes 30 years employed at McDonalds. McDonalds is a household name at this point, the franchise is a worldwide success and it's all because of the systems they have in place. Marianne touches on her experience with the company, and how they are able to grow as rapidly as they do and maintain their well oiled machine.

There was so much gold inside of this interview, a few topics we discussed were:

  • The language used when talking to small businesses vs corporations
  • Why businesses put off systems and how it's holding them back
  • Her role at McDonalds and how she climbed the ladder
  • Cross training and the scalability it provides

Systems give you freedom, if you feel you don't have enough time, if you don't have the balance or trusted people on your team taking ownership, you are lacking a system. I am so excited for you to hear Marianne's story and learn once again just how crucial systems are for a well oiled business. Enjoy!

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