You probably have certain consistent responsibilities for your team members. But when you think about those requirements are the tasks that they’re assigned sales-focused and clearly defined toward a specific goal? My guess is probably not. You and your leaders need to be setting goals by looking at your data.

In today’s episode, taken from our weekly live free training inside the Scale Your Small Business Facebook group, we’re talking about how to create KPIs.

Your team probably has tasks like posting on social media a certain number of times per week, sending emails to current customers, and assessing your most reliable source of lead generation.
But if their tasks aren’t goal oriented and sales-focused, they likely don’t feel very fired up about what they’re doing and can’t appreciate how the work they do contributes to the bigger picture of the success of your business.

From your perspective, it’s easy to feel frustrated outsourcing tasks to team members without being able to identify the return on that investment. When you set up KPIs that are clearly defined and sales-focused, everyone knows exactly what they are working towards and why.

Here are three key takeaways you can expect from this training:

1. How many KPI’s should be assigned to each team member and how to decide where they need to focus.

2. Possible reasons KPI’s don’t get met and what to do if (when) that happens.

3. How to incorporate the KPI’s for each team member into their performance reviews.

A small team that focuses intentionally on a few KPIs for each member will see quicker and more measurable results than a team of 20 who isn’t tracking KPIs.

To get started creating them for your business, head over to this Facebook post and comment METRICS to get a list of 75 ideas.

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