Today’s episode is Day 1 of our Profit Accelerator Challenge: Metrics That Actually Mean Something

After years of coaching other entrepreneurs and nearly two decades of small business ownership, I’ve identified the 3 most overlooked profitability pockets you’re likely not thinking about or addressing.

In these three days together we’re getting to the bottom of:

  1. The Metrics that Actually Mean Something
  2. The Most Common Places Business Owners Overspend
  3. Breaking Bad Habits with Your Team and Clients

The honest truth? Your business needs too much from YOU.

Let’s get the business less reliant on you and operating like a well-oiled operation.

It’s time to learn how to stop wasting money and time and set up better boundaries to help you say no so you make room for the right yes’s.

If you want security and stability for if/when the unexpected happens, this is the direction you should be heading and these are the steps you can start taking right now to get you there. This process takes time and patience but having a clear path makes a world of difference and I know you can do it!

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