Imagine having a brilliant idea.

It sounds so great that you’re just sure it’s going to make your business exponentially better.

Then what if you parked that idea.

Let it simmer.

Sleep on it.

And brainstorm some more.

What do you think would happen?

In this episode of the Foot Traffic Podcast, I speak about how the Old Stacy would never let a brilliant idea “go to waste”. She’d probably implement it ASAP—no questions asked!

If you’re just like the Old Stacy, you’ll learn why more planning will always get you bigger results.

The Key Questions

  • How the Old Stacy dealt with new ideas? (00:003)
  • How much better could an idea get if you took the time to develop it? (1:27)
  • Is there such a thing as brainstorming an idea for far too long? (4:59)
  • What is the opportunity cost of doing a quick thing? (8:20)
  • What happens when the ‘doing’ isn’t getting a return? (10:34)

What You’ll Learn

  • You’re wasting time being fast (1:12)
  • Business is boring at the top level (3:24)
  • The ‘dangerous’ Tony Robbins quote (3’:50)
  • Four steps to prepare you for your biggest results ever (5:25)
  • Slow and steady wins the race (9:18)

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