Vulnerable share alert here. You might be surprised to find out that my biggest weakness is also one of my greatest strengths. If you’ve been around awhile, you know I’m a very driven person. I’ve received numerous awards for reaching milestones some people only dream of.

So how is this a weakness? I’m sharing it all with you here in this episode.

I’ll go into more detail. But, turns out, that being driven also means I’m often left feeling unfulfilled or unsatisfied by my own success.

Three key points in this episode:

1. The words a friend shared with me as I reflected on my successes and the goals I’ve set for myself and narrowly missed. How we show up for ourselves in our thoughts matters and my friend’s insight helped shift my perspective.

2. Why I feel it’s important to share this insight and reflection with you. I know I can’t be the only one who is always striving for more.

3. Some words of encouragement to help you (and me) appreciate and acknowledge the success we experience.

Whether you celebrate your milestones or like me you find it difficult to feel accomplished, I hope this episode inspires you to truly feel more appreciation for all of your wins.

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