My most productive time is before everyone else is up for the day. I often get asked about my morning routine that sets me up for success. So in today's episode, I'm sharing exactly what I do in my morning routine as a 7-figure entrepreneur of multiple businesses.

This morning routine is all about getting in the right mindset to follow through with my intentions and take care of myself physically so I can be in peak performance mode as much as possible.

Three key elements of a successful morning routine:

1. A consistent wake-up time — I'll share how I wake up early enough to take advantage of time before the kids are up but in a way that is gentle on our biological rhythms. Blaring alarm clock? No thank you. To get Stacy's wake up clock click here.

2. Hydration — but first, water. I'll share why this is one of the first things I do and my thoughts on the bulletproof coffee trend.

3. Mindset — I'll share the journaling and writing I do to commit to the priorities for the day and the unconventional way I write my intentions.

Does your morning routine need a reboot? I hope you'll try some of these tips to boost your productivity. I'm not perfect with this morning routine, of course. But I definitely feel the impact when I don't stick with it so I can guarantee it works.

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