Today I'm joined by author, Joey Coleman. His book, Never Lose a Customer Again is such a powerful read. So powerful, in fact, that I passed it to those on my team responsible for fulfillment so we could put these strategies into place.

In this conversation, Joey and I discuss the power of retention and really elevating the customer experience and the influence that has on building a successful and sustainable business.

There were so many a-ha moments during this discussion.

You'll definitely want to listen for these three key takeaways:

1. The number one reason customers don't become repeat buyers. You'll want to really let this one sink in because it will change the way you approach marketing and sales.

2. How sales and customer fulfillment is like dating. Joey encourages you to celebrate their purchase instead of just your sale!

3. Why repeat or long-term customers bring in more referrals.

Think about it. You don't often rave about something you purchase right after you buy!

Joey Coleman certainly knows his stuff when it comes to customer retention and why it's so important, critical even, for small business growth. This episode is sure to get you on board with implementing the 8-phase journey he teaches in his book, Never Lose a Customer Again.

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