One 15 Minute Strategy That Can Massively Increase Your Social Media Followers and Email List

Are you desperately trying to grow both? Let's talk about it now! There are three things I will share that you can be doing right now to grow these:

  • Why “microcontent” is taking over Social Platforms and why you shouldn’t post the same thing everywhere
  • How one 15 minute piece of content can produce multiple pieces on all different platforms
  • The ONE thing you need to do to see your email list skyrocket

So you want to grow your list… or maybe you are still shooting for vanity numbers. Social media and coming up with content for a million different platforms is super overwhelming! Trying to decide what we should give away for free versus what we should give away as paid when it seems like we give everything away for free.

Don’t get overwhelmed yet, keep reading, I am sharing everything with you!

I often see people:

  1. Posting the exact same piece of content on every platform. This is not the best way to do it since every social media platform is different.
  2. We all have a favorite platform…but don’t forget about the others! For example, I never really used Instagram until this year where I got a $20,000 sale. Can you imagine if Instagram stayed as my favorite platform?!
  3. I often see people struggling because they don't know what they could possibly sell when they could be giving everything away for free.

Which one are you? #1, repeating your content? #2,  sticking with one or two platforms?  #3, feeling overwhelmed with all of the content?

This strategy will get you on the all the platforms, BUT the big thing is to not forget a call to action at the end. Send people somewhere and grow your email list at the same time. Here are some ways to multiply your single piece of content across platforms:

  1. Do a 15 minute Facebook live: You can stream as a IG live at the same time! I have an Arkon Mount that can hold 2 phones. (Use code: empire for 15% off!!)
  2. If you have a Facebook group, share it there!!
  3. Strip the audio and it turns into a podcast episode
  4. Transcribe it and turn it into a blog post. (We use which is cheaper than
  5. Use that as your weekly email newsletter and don’t forget to engage
  6. Create a graphic for pinterest that links to your blog post
  7. Make it into a shorter video for Facebook. Take your 20 minute live and cut it down to 2-3 minutes. (People like things short and sweet!)
  8. Take the video and find 1-3, 60 second videos for Instagram
  9. Take a little bit of it and create an Instagram story. There is an app called Continual that will help break it down into 15 second videos
  10. Create your own quotes and images with graphics on Canva

Do you want to see even more of my strategy and how I turn cold leads into sales?  Click here for my 3 step framework I use to generate leads and sales everyday.

Now, that is just covering Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Podcast, Blog and a newsletter. I could keep going on with YouTube, Twitter and more but I think you get the idea! The ONLY way you will grow your email list is if you put a call to action at the end of a Facebook live, an Instagram story or any type of content.